Natural, Green, or Simple Burial

Ecological, Natural, Simple and Affordable

Green Burials: $4,995.00

Green Burials: $4,995.00

Green Burial seeks to return one’s remains to the earth, as directly and simply as possible. It attempts to avoid embalming   (toxic chemicals), metal caskets and burial vaults. Many religious groups never left the old, traditional way.  Groups like the Mennonites, Quakers, Amish, and Jewish communities continue to bury without embalming, vaults and in some cases without a casket.  Our parent company pioneered this movement in Southern Virginia. Working with groups like the Green Burial Council, Santa Fe, NM and Wildlands, Inc., Rocklin, CA..  If you're doing study regarding this and other Ecological issues, Dr. Norman Wirzba pursues research and teaching interest at the intersections of theology, philosophy, ecology and agrarian and environmental studies (click here), at Duke University.

Each complete Funeral Service includes:

Choice of a Eco-Friendly Casket made of Willow, pine  or Poplar Hardwood (unfinished) Removal from place of death (within 60 miles of South Boston) Securing permits & documents Professional services of funeral director & staff Funeral service conducted at your church, graveside or residence Visitation prior to start of service Funeral Coach (non traditional mini coach) One death certificate Dressing of the grave with natural fertile products that will stabilize the soil Register book/ memorial folders on recycled paper

Family Participation is encouraged

As a family member you have the right to transport the deceased using your vehicle and to bury on your property You may dress and place your loved one in the casket or build their casket  Family participation may reduce the above quoted cost.